Which kind of Counseling is right for me?

Consider the following list, to decide which kind of counselling is right for you:

  • You have a diagnosed disorder and want to receive therapy for it.
  • You want to claim from your medical aid.
  • You think your partner or family member has a disorder and want them to receive counselling for it.
  • You have serious suicidal thoughts or are feeling extremely depressed.

If you answered yes to these statements, it may be best to seek an appointment from an HPCSA registered professional, such as a psychologist.

Here is another list to consider.

  • You are looking for longer term therapy.
  • You are looking for counselling for yourself, or your child regarding general life stress, and want a safe place to “vent”.
  • You need counselling for your marriage, relationship, or family.
  • You need general life coaching.
  • You need trauma debriefing or counselling.
  • You need to make sense of your life journey, example adolescent journey.

If you answered yes to the above, then booking a session with a Narrative Therapist may suit you better.