What We Offer

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, stress, traumatic life experience and relationships,  I am a narrative therapist specializing in helping  adolescents rewriting a more positive life story. As a therapist I am often asked “Why Adolescents?” It is my belief that working with your people is my passion and my calling, This is the adventure that God has planned for me. I am genuinely fascinated by teenagers and their stories, and most importantly, I would love to journey with them.


Adolescents enter this bridge and stage of transition when puberty starts. This stage is often marked with resistance and emotional upheaval, both for parents and adolescent, because they are being forced to let go of something that they are comfortable and familiar with. Read more …

Therapy for Sexual and other forms of abuse, and other Sexual related Trauma. Sexual trauma and abuse take away the victim’s voice and convince them that being a victim is their identity, and that this is somehow their fault. It takes years for survivors to work through all aspects of their assault or abuse. The layers of pain and shame that follow are like an onion that needs to be peeled to its core. Everyone heals at her or his own pace. Therapy can help to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims cannot just “get over it.” Therapy help clients to learn how to manage the triggers and flashbacks and help to make meaning of the long term effect of this abuse and the feelings that have control over them in an unfulfilled life. Read more …

Online therapy may be referred to as other names, such as e-therapy or internet counseling. For many teenagers, sitting in a therapist’s office talking about their feelings isn’t particularly enticing. But, talking to a therapist online might not sound too bad. Just as the name suggests, online therapy allows people to meet with a therapist in an online setting, as opposed to a face-to-face meeting in an office. Online therapy may be used in conjunction with face-to-face therapy or it may be used as an alternative. Read more …

Trainings And Seminars

“My passion is to help teens, adults, parents, teachers and families make sense of the exciting time in life, called adolescence. When we reach the teen years, life is on fire. These changes are not something to avoid or just get through, but to encourage and embrace! I help people to focus on the positive and awesomeness of this period of life!”

Part of this Passion is providing training and seminars to individuals, families, groups, schools, churches and adults working with adolescents through therapy and counseling. 

I offer a variety of opportunities for therapists & professionals working with teens, for further training and development. Adults working with teens should focus on helping the teen to develop ways to use their own strengths to cope with daily challenges. In order to assist our teens, the best we can, we need to train ourselves in their totality as individuals and the complexity of their development. A thorough knowledge and understanding of all dimensions of being an adolescent is essential for those working with adolescents, whether they be educators, counselors, social workers and youth leaders in churches or cultural organizations.
These training programs also offer the opportunity to learn and discover out of the box ways to connect with teens in therapy.


“TeenTalk” – Adolescent developmental domains are intertwined and strongly influenced by experiences and environments. This monthly “TeenTalk” program is focused on helping adults, parents, therapists and professionals in their daily work and communication with teens. This training is based on research and science, as well as personal experience with my ± 20 years working with adolescents. 

Join this training group, and have an opportunity to ask questions, share your inner conversations and learn from each other. 


Please contact me to discuss your individual needs.

  • Any field regarding Children and Adolescents
  • Spiritual development in Children and Adolescents
  • Understand the teenager better- Neuroanatomical transformation of the teenage brain
  • Attachment
  • Parent & Adolescent relationship
  • Cutting and self-Harm
  • Mindfulness, Grounding and self-regulation
  • Cinema Therapy, Narrative therapy and Narrative way of being
  • Trauma & Sexual Abuse
  • Life Story Work