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for teens, Young Adults & sexual abuse

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What We Offer

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, stress, traumatic life experience and relationships,  I am a narrative therapist specializing in helping  adolescents rewriting a more positive life story. As a therapist I am often asked “Why Adolescents?” It is my belief that working with young people is my passion and my calling, This is the adventure that God has planned for me. I am genuinely fascinated by teenagers and their stories, and most importantly, I would love to journey with them.


Adolescents enter this bridge and stage of transition when puberty starts. This stage is often marked with resistance and emotional upheaval, both for parents and adolescent, because they are being forced to let go of something that they are comfortable and familiar with. Read more …

Therapy for Sexual and other forms of abuse, and other Sexual related Trauma. Sexual trauma and abuse take away the victim’s voice and convince them that being a victim is their identity, and that this is somehow their fault. It takes years for survivors to work through all aspects of their assault or abuse. The layers of pain and shame that follow are like an onion that needs to be peeled to its core. Everyone heals at her or his own pace. Therapy can help to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims cannot just “get over it.” Therapy help clients to learn how to manage the triggers and flashbacks and help to make meaning of the long term effect of this abuse and the feelings that have control over them in an unfulfilled life. Read more …

Online therapy may be referred to as other names, such as e-therapy or internet counseling. For many teenagers, sitting in a therapist’s office talking about their feelings isn’t particularly enticing. But, talking to a therapist online might not sound too bad. Just as the name suggests, online therapy allows people to meet with a therapist in an online setting, as opposed to a face-to-face meeting in an office. Online therapy may be used in conjunction with face-to-face therapy or it may be used as an alternative. Read more …


I thoroughly enjoy our sessions together as it provides me with the necessary skills to manage day to day challenges. As well as fantastic emotional support when times get tough, especially considering the abnormal circumstances that 2020 has brought. Hanlie shows genuine concern for ones well being, is very easy to talk to and listens to every detail and there with provides fantastic feedback and problem solving techniques on the matters at hand.

Monet Matthee (21)

“After doing narrative therapy with Hanlie, I become the person I am destined to be. She helped me let go of the trauma that was holding me back. The therapy was unique and unlike anything else I had experienced. I will forever be grateful for what Hanlie did for me”.

My Story

September 2012 I decided to leave full time ministry, and studied Pastoral Narrative Therapy at Coram Deo, affiliated with University of Pretoria. This is where this amazing journey with narrative therapy started. Through studying Narrative therapy, I re – visited my God given passion and calling, and started using my special talents and gifts, and my Narrative Therapy knowledge, to journey with young people in re-writing their life story. My journey with Coram Deo started as the coordinator and therapist for the adolescent part of Coram Deo, and I still love my affiliation with Coram Deo as Therapist, Lecturer and Supervisor.

Hanlie Boshoff

BCom Industrial Psychology